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Do you want to know what student life is really like at university? Put your questions to UWE Bristol and University of Bristol Student Ambassadors. 


What is a typical day at university like? 

Watch this video to discover what a typical day is like for these university students. 



As you will have seen from the video, there is actually no typical day at university. A student's experience can vary depending on what course they study, where they study and the student life that they choose to live. Everyone's timetable is different. 

The best way to find out about student life is to ask current university students about their own experiences.  

Perhaps you want to know about how much time is spent studying, what the social life is like or what the best and worst things are about university? Maybe you are worried about what support is available or how students manage their money? 

Put your questions to UWE Bristol and University of Bristol students by submitting your questions to us via our contact form below by Sunday 17th May. Over the next few weeks, we will be posing the most popular questions to our students on your behalf and you will be able to hear what our students have to say when we publish their video stories on the 15th June on our website and Instagram

In the meantime, see Luc from the University of Gloucestershire answer some of the most common questions he gets asked about student life.




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