Is higher education for me?

Many careers require specific higher education qualifications, such as dentistry, nursing, law, or teaching, and many more.

With that in mind, it’s important to note how higher education can open up many opportunities regarding career, financial, and personal benefits.

  • Career benefits

    With higher education, you can take control over your future, as more career opportunities become available to you. Many professions only employ graduates, with many of the degree-required opportunities hiring graduates from any degree discipline.

    Even if you’ve no career in mind, that’s no reason to miss out on higher education. A degree will help you to develop a ton of transferable skills that employers are looking for, like written and verbal communication, teamwork, and research skills.

    Most universities will offer their students the opportunity to undergo work experience, as well as the opportunity to meet new people and build a network of professionals, ultimately providing a range of experiences to draw upon in interviews and future employment.

  • Financial benefits

    People with higher-level skills will generally have a greater range of jobs and career routes available to them, with graduates often earning a higher salary than non-graduates. This also includes any level of higher education, including degree apprenticeships that students can undergo to start earning whilst they study, with wages depending on age, length of study, and the employer. Many universities also offer great budget guides for students that give you budget skills that can last a lifetime.

  • Personal development benefits

    Higher education will provide you with a multitude of skills which will be invaluable to your future successful self. It provides an opportunity to meet different people from a range of different backgrounds, form new friendships with likeminded people, and share great experiences with others. Universities also offer plenty of extracurricular activities, including societies, for their students to get involved in.

    And don’t forget, you’re pursuing a passion! Higher education gives you the opportunity to work towards practically any career path, and enables you to learn from genuine experts who’ve dedicated their lives to your choice of field.