What is Future Quest?

Future Quest was set up in 2017 as a regional partnership to combat educational inequality for young people in the region. With its industrial history and geography, together with its educational landscape, Bristol provides a complex picture of skills progression within the city and surrounding region which reflects some of the biggest contrasts in the UK.  

Future Quest is a UWE Bristol led programme which delivers in over 75 schools and colleges in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire region. We work with school and college communities to understand the needs of the young people and use our creative framework to select and slot together activities across four themes: strengths, skills, pathways and encounters to build progressive and connected packages of outreach which can be timetabled into the academic year.  

This is complemented by specialist coaching, mentoring and careers guidance for target groups who need additional support, and we work closely with our partner providers to tailor this for individuals. Each activity package is bespoke to the institution or group that it is delivered to and much of it is developed in collaboration with higher education academic staff and students as well as employers. 

Together we create the future


Future Quest exists to enable young people to connect to their future selves.

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Future Quest cultivates strength through collaboration. We work with a range of partners and funders to create and deliver our programmes.

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Explore our Theory of Change and access our reports, including case studies and recent data, that demonstrates the work that Future Quest does and the impact that we have.

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Let us introduce you to the people behind Future Quest who are committed to supporting young people to access activities and information to enable them to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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Find out how individuals and companies can join us in supporting young people to realise their futures and ensure our offer to schools and colleges remains possible.

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Find out how you can get in touch with us

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