What is Future Quest?

Future Quest is the Bristol area partnership of universities and colleges, working together with the local authorities, the combined authority, employers and other organisations to develop and deliver the Office for Students Funded uni connect Programme, supporting young people's progression into higher education

Future Quest delivers a targeted higher education outreach programme to schools with students in identified postcode areas, where higher education progression is lower than might be predicted from GCSE results. The programme aims to equip young people with the knowledge of higher education and potential future pathways, the understanding of skill requirements for study and future life, and the ability to develop self reflection, self awareness and self belief.

Future Quest provides an outreach hub which enables students, parents and carers and school staff to access information and opportunities, as well as creating an axis for sustainable partnership working to shape outreach across the region.

Future Quest cultivates strength through collaboration.


Together we create the future

Explore, Plan, Become

Exploring, planning and becoming possible futures.

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What is Uni Connect?

Learn about the Office for Students' Uni Connect Programme, its aims and funding here.

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Our partners & schools

Find out who we work with to deliver Future Quest.

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Get involved

Discover how you can get involved in Future Quest, we have lots of different activities that can cater for different needs.

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Future Quest Primary & Children's University

Future Quest Primary allows children to explore opportunities outside of their main curriculum, engage in meaningful outreach and access role models and experiences in higher education.

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