Focussing on increasing self-awareness through this series of activities which include resources on growth mindset and character strengths. 

a cup of coffee

If your students are experiencing feelings of anxiety or worry, then this activity is for you. It's catered towards helping you increase their self-awareness and resilience, as well as providing them with a good reminder of what to focus their energy on during challenging times.

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A clock

Do your students have a lot on their mind? Change can cause uncertainty, worry and stress. This activity will provide you with different tools to help your students manage their worrying thoughts and will help you to develop their self-awareness, resilience and optimism.

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A person sat cross legged in a meditative position

Are your students struggling with stress? Most will during challenging times in education. This activity can help to increase their resilience during those difficult times by helping them to identify what stress is and to increase their awareness of how they currently manage it.

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An open hand with a cartoon hand above it

Feeling thankful and appreciative are important emotions, and shouldn't go amiss. Tapping into these emotions can increase your student's self-awareness and optimism. This activity will help you identify what things your students are grateful for and can be particularly useful when changes occur in their life.

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lighthouse with its beacon shining

Learn more about what your school can do to promote good health and wellbeing. From free training to running tea and talk sessions, there is something for all.

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This workbook will help you teach your students values and help them to understand why they are important, as well as how certain values are associated with certain jobs and careers.

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