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Future Quest Primary allows children to explore opportunities outside of their main curriculum, engage in meaningful outreach and access role models and experiences in higher education.

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The Future Quest Secondary programme reduces the gap in higher education participation between the most and least represented groups and supports young people to make well-informed decisions about their future.

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Our college programme provides impartial, sustained and progressive activities tailored to the needs of young people in this area.

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Work experience is a great way to learn and develop various attributes, and looks great on your CV. Here you can discover the different opportunities available for you to build up your skills.

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This practical guide covers various approaches to digital delivery, including tips on how to engage your students, how to ensure content is inclusive and accessible, guides on data collection and evaluation, safeguarding, and copyright considerations.

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Explore the different career pathways and options available for your students. These include activities on how to map their goals in order to achieve success in the future and understand how to make the most of available career guidance websites.

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Experience a range of encounters with Higher Education and get a first-hand glimpse at what student life means to current students. These sessions explore Higher Education in more detail and support student's progression, with our workshop on technology in sport and our presentation on Catalonian human towers.

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This series of activities focuses on increasing your students' self-awareness, including resources on better understanding and managing uncertainty, stress, resilience exercises and practising gratitude.

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Skills take on a variety of forms and can support progression in a variety of ways. Whether they're skills suited to study or employment, they are all beneficial to your students' lives in one way or another.

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Use our interactive map to discover what local outreach schools are accessing. You can filter by type of outreach as well as see what primary and secondary schools are accessing.

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This activity will help increase your student's self-motivation with our collection of meaningful images, words, and drawing.

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