Explore, Plan, Become

Explore, Plan, Become


Exploring possible futures

Students will take part in exploration activities to consider possible futures, making links with education and building expectations for themselves. They will find out about their own skills and capacity for learning and development, reflecting on achievements and ability to influence their futures.

Planning probable futures

Students will practice skills for higher education and employment, finding out about personality types and learning styles and linking these to study and career choices. They will create action plans and begin mapping pathways to their future goals.

Becoming those futures

Students will reflect on knowledge and experience gained of higher education and work places, demonstrating their skills for successful transition. They will show strategies for researching options and planning routes, and challenge themselves to continuously assess and evaluate their choice.

Our approach 


Progression Framework

All Uni Connect partnerships were asked to create a progression framework for phase two which represents the journey that young people take towards higher education, and indicates the stages that they need to go through to build the knowledge, skills, self- belief and expectations to make informed choices about their future.

The Future Quest Progression Framework is based on evidence from the phase one evaluation, together with the research of Dr Neil Harrison and Dr Richard Waller about challenging discourses around aspiration raising, and the role of expectations and attainment in access to higher education. A summary of that paper can be read by following this link - The art of the possible: supporting progression to higher education


The framework takes a phased approach which follows a young person’s educational and developmental journey, allowing for different rates of learning and progression, and indicates the outcomes that we would expect Future Quest activities to achieve through these phases. All activity has been designed to map onto one or more of the outcomes so that there is a clear objective to each that can be measured through our evaluation.


The Future Quest Progression Framework can be found by clicking on this link - Progression Framework pdf



The Future Quest programme is underpinned by the aim of demonstrating progression. This diagram highlights the key elements within our programme that are reflected across all of our projects - Progression Programmes Overview 


The Future Quest programme has a robust management and governance structure.  The Partnership Strategic Board has membership from the Uni Connect partnership universities and colleges, as well as representation from the West of England Combined Authority and local authorities. This overview contains further detail - Project Management Overview



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