Explore, Plan, Become

Asking young people what they want to do when they grow up is outdated and restrictive. We should be asking them who they want to be.


Our minds are rarely set on a single direction, and our routes to get there are rarely straightforward. Future quest is about the journey: exploring possibilities and opportunities; celebrating the wiggly pathways; finding ourselves and our purpose along the way; sharing our stories.


The programme runs in primary and secondary schools, colleges and university, offering all ages to be inspired by opportunities, to explore capabilities, and to plan unique pathways.


Young people deserve to choose their own future and decide who they want to be, with the people and tools to help them access everything they need along the way.


Our vision is to ensure that every young person has access to opportunities that connect them to their best possible futures.


Our mission is to equip all young people with the tools to create their own futures by building relationships and staying with them on their journeys, championing their ambitions and encouraging them to set high expectations for themselves and their future educators and employers.


Our values are encouraging curiosity; embracing change; demonstrating courage; celebrating uniqueness; working in partnership; and ensuring fairness.



Students will take part in exploration activities to consider possible futures, making links with education and building expectations for themselves. They will find out about their own skills and capacity for learning and development, reflecting on achievements and ability to influence their futures.



Students will practice skills for higher education and employment, finding out about personality types and learning styles and linking these to study and career choices. They will create action plans and begin mapping pathways to their future goals.



Students will reflect on knowledge and experience gained of higher education and workplaces, demonstrating their skills for successful transition. They will show strategies for researching options and planning routes and challenge themselves to continuously assess and evaluate their choice.