Finding Part Time Work

These activities go through the various processes of finding part time work - from CV writing, to interviews, to how to present yourself within the role and the various skills you'll develop.

a CV paper

Part one of this activity focuses on your CV writing skills - we'll go through the do's and don'ts, what makes a good or bad CV, and what you can do to make your CV stand out.

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a shirt and tie

Part two of this activity looks at finding work and the interview process - we'll go through the best ways to look for work and how to apply, as well as the best interview tactics and how you can prepare yourself.

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weighing scales weighing equally

Part three looks at managing your time - including how to handle first impressions, balancing your work/ study life, and how you can avoid burnout/ feeling overwhelmed.

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an open laptop

Use this template to create your first CV. Download the PDF which will give you an outline to cover the essential elements needed.

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