Choose Your Quest

‘Choose your Quest’ week has a variety of fun, subject-focused activities for you to gain a deeper understanding of how subjects such as sports engineering or Languages are taught in Higher Education.  The Post 16 section also includes a narrated presentation that explains how the English student funding system works.

Routes to HE

Gain an understanding of the different types of courses and degrees there are. Learn what options are available to you at each stage of your educational journey and learn how to prepare for higher education.

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Careers A to Z Wordsearch

Here are 15 quite unusual careers - we bet that there is at least one which you have not heard of before! Find them in our wordsearch and use the glossary to learn more about them.

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Tech in Sport

Technology has revolutionised sport. Find out about its history starting 2,000 years ago on the race track at Olympia to today’s high tech football boots. Explore engineering’s impact on players and spectators and design your own sports tech product for the future.

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Forensic DNA

Learn how Forensic Scientists solve crimes using DNA analysis. You’ll watch how to extract DNA from fruit and have a go at solving your own murder mystery. Helping to solve crimes is just one job you might not have expected possible with a biology or chemistry degree.

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Catalonian Human Towers

Watch the extraordinary Human Towers of Catalan, in Spain. Explore what makes people take risks in this dangerous and exciting tradition and why it matters so much to the people of Catalan.  Get creative and invent your own cultural or sporting tradition.

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