Resilience Assemblies & Workshops

In Higher Education, we frequently witness students who are struggling with challenges such as low self-esteem, the fear of failure, highly critical inner thoughts, unrealistic expectations and the inability to ask for help


Resilience has been identified as the skill that can be developed to help combat these issues as it is through the ability to face challenges head on, adapt and learn from our experiences, or ‘bounce-back’ that enables us to become our best possible selves. In other words, it is how we react to situations that is important. Managing our stress levels in the first instance is an important first step when responding to a negative situation and then by reflecting on our thoughts and feelings, we are able to better understand the reasons for our reaction, which will help us cope better in similar situations in the future.

Using the positive psychology approach of focusing on our potential rather than our shortcomings, we have developed free talks and workshops for Pre and Post-16 students that aim to raise self-awareness, encourage positive critical thinking and pro-active behaviour, and increase understanding of resilience as a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone.

At Pre-16 level, students are introduced to resilience and focus on developing healthy behaviours around the themes of relaxation, eating well, getting active and trying something new. At Post-16 level, the transition into Higher Education becomes the central focus with students exploring potential stress points and strategies to support themselves, as well as learning about available support in Higher Education.

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