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Mental Wealth Programme
  • The Body Image Project

    Poor body image affects engagement in the classroom, school attendance, performance, achievement and confidence. It’s an issue that affects many adolescents’ mental and physical health, and has an impact on academic performance.

    This programme is run in conjunction with the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE Bristol and is consistently evaluated to enable continuous improvement of body image education.

    Starting in September 2017, the Body Image project uses interventions aimed at improving confidence and self-belief:

    • Dissonance-based intervention (DBI) is an interactive programme that asks young people to challenge appearance ideals and pressures.
    • Mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) engages students in present moment awareness and non-judgemental acceptance.
    • Classes as usual (control) - but these schools will get the same training and intervention six months later.
    • We’re aiming to engage with four classes of Year 9s from 18 schools. Each student will take part in five lessons per week, delivered by their class teachers, who will be supplied with training and resources.

    We’ll then review success by selecting students and teachers to give feedback.

    Please note that recruitment for this project has now closed.

  • The Resilience and Positive Behaviours Project

    We are currently developing a series of progressive workshops for students that aim to develop resilience skills and healthy behaviours to support the transition into higher education. The workshops will focus on the personal and educational challenges faced along the student journey from Year 9 to Year 13.

    If you are interested in the development of the project and would like to be kept informed, please email

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