Explore the different career pathways and options available. Including activities on how to map goals to achieve success in the future and understand how to make the most of career guidance websites.

Goal Mapping

This activity will help you to identify and prioritise your short and long-term goals, understand how to make them SMART and support you to set out the steps to reach your goal.

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Discover more about HE courses by taking our ‘HE Course Exploration Quiz’. With over 50,000 HE courses there is a lot to choose from

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why go to he?

Learn about the benefits of HE and reflect on the reasons why people may decide to go or not go. Would you consider HE?

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Guess the Job

This quiz will introduce you to 12 different jobs that you may not have heard of before. The answers might surprise you and inspire you to find out more. You never know, your dream career might be found right here!

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Apprenticeships are a popular alternative to university, but what are they? This workshop developed by the UWE Pre HE Team, allows you to explore apprenticeships and the range of different opportunities available to you.

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Options and Careers

With this activity you will explore the different pathways available at 16. You will also find out about the range of jobs you could do. And you might be surprised by some of the facts about the current job market!

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Unsure about a Career?

Are you unsure about what career to choose? This workshop will allow you to see what careers link to your hobbies and interests to help you choose a career that’s right for you.

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Gap Years

Many young people consider taking a gap year after leaving school or college. Designed by the UWE Pre-HE team, this activity is designed to allow you to explore the reasons why people take a gap year and whether it would be right for you.

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using pathway guidance websites

There’s a lot to learn from websites like UCAS and Careerpilot, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Here are some ways you can use some of your existing study skills to make the most out of pathway guidance websites.

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Routes to HE

Gain an understanding of the different types of courses and degrees there are. Learn what options are available to you at each stage of your educational journey and learn how to prepare for higher education.

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Careers A to Z Wordsearch

Here are 15 quite unusual careers - we bet that there is at least one which you have not heard of before! Find them in our wordsearch and use the glossary to learn more about them.

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Researching your Future

If you have a rough idea (or two…) about what you might want to do in the future, then this activity will help guide you through the process of researching your options. It covers apprenticeships, higher education courses, work experience and gap years

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Finishing Year 11

Finishing Year 11 is an exciting time, full of different opportunities. Follow the 5 steps in this activity to discover what options are available to you over the next few years.

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