Now or Never: Preview Event

Now or Never, a collaborative project between Future Quest and Arnolfini, have launched their immersive new installation and video work A Revolution of Discomfort.


Now or Never is a creative studio that exists to amplify incredible ideas that challenge the way things are and project them into the world. Now or Never gives young artists aged 13-18 years the chance to work with local artists and create cooperative spaces to discuss what we can do when the world is slow, or not responding correctly. In an ever changing world, where sometimes everything feels like it is going wrong, Now or Never gives young people the chance to express themselves and gain an understanding of the world in which they live.


The preview was held at Arnolfini on 21 March and was attended by over 100 people. It was described by attendees as fascinating, funny, and eye-opening, and made the viewers consider their role in hyper-consumerism. A Revolution of Discomfort imagines the future world of New Bristol, a virtual 3D landscape where the false promises sold through the ad campaigns for ‘No Sole Shoes’ are even more blatant and ridiculous than in reality. There is absolutely no escape from the latest cult must-have, the ‘Game Joy’ VR headset, which transports the viewer to their ‘happy place’. However, even in this colourful, computer-generated world, you’re never more than 5 seconds away from an advert and there’s something very dark hidden not far beneath the surface.


To get to this point, four projects were delivered in schools and colleges across Bristol by Arnolfini freelance artists and staff. Students from each project worked in collaboration with an artist over an intensive period of six weeks to create their ambitious new work. Following these sessions a new collective of artists aged 13-18 was established and they meet once a week, working with artists and Arnolfini to create and propose physical and social change.


A Revolution of Discomfort will be available to view from 22 March 2019 – 27 March 2019, 11am – 6pm daily at Arnolfini


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