01 Feb 2022

In September 2020, Future Quest confirmed a generous grant of £16,350 to fund Arnolfini's Find Your Way programme from November 2020-December 2021.

Find Your Way supported young people to build confidence in their ability and skills, open up their possibilities and break down any misconceptions of working in the creative industries. Through a combination of online resources, workshops, working alongside and exhibiting with professional artists, the Arnolfini aimed to give young people a rich and exciting experience of thinking and working like an artist.

Due to Covid restrictions, the Arnolfini needed to adapt this offer by providing online resources in the first term which consisted of interviews from a wide range of staff at Arnolfini describing their role and the journey their own Find Your Way journey. They have created a page for the videos on their website,

In the second and third terms, they were able to return to a more bespoke offer to Cotham school and Western College as well as supporting UWE's Outreach programme to provide workshops for schools during the October half term.

Throughout this project, students were introduced to artists from a wide range of disciplines, practices and who were at different stages of their careers. This ranged from renowned international artists such as Frank Bowling and Stephen Gill to participatory artists such as Sam Francis.

Weston College Land workshop with Sam Francis

During October 2021 half-term, the Arnolfini collaborated with UWE school of Art and Design Outreach Group to display a pop-up schools exhibition, showcasing work produced through workshops run by UWE's Outreach group with over 10 primary schools across the South West.

Through the Children's University, 30 primary schools were invited to attend free, bookmaking workshops at Arnolfini run by Students from UWE's Art & Design courses and supported by front of house staff at Arnolfini. Over 3 days UWE Art and Design students ran 6 workshops for 64 children and over 40 parents.

This was the first time for many of the families to visit Arnolfini and for Arnolfini to connect with primary schools that have never visited the gallery before. Short films were created to capture interviews from the parents and children.

Keiko Higashi (Engagement Producer from the Arnolfini) said "It has really made such an impact in terms of building relationships with schools and partners at UWE, which we absolutely wouldn’t have had the capacity to do without this generous grant. Thank you so much for this brilliant opportunity and I hope we can continue to work with Future Quest in 2022".

This grant has enabled the Arnolfini to establish a strong partnership with UWE Art and Design Outreach Group which is positioned on Arnolfini's school's page with a planning meeting set for early next year to set out our collaborations in 2022. They are fully committed to continuing to support the development of the Outreach Group and offering new opportunities for students and schools to connect with inspiring artists from across the globe.