Top tips from local students

Been there, done that! Discover local students’ best advice from their personal experience.

  1. Find a course you really want to study.
  2. Consider your priorities. For example: your living costs, commute and transport, socialising, caring or family responsibilities.
  3. Visit any potential college or university and see if you like it. Most universities and colleges will have Open Days, where you can look around and get a feel for what it might be like to study there.
  4. Make the journey to your preferred college/university during rush hour. The journey can become much longer in rush hour traffic. Experiencing it will help you understand how long your journey could take.
  5. Consider how you would get home after a night out.

Here are some useful blog articles on other websites that can help with your decision:

Learn about the experiences of local students in other cities 

Talking to other students who have lived at home whilst studying is a great way of finding out what the experience is like.

They’ll be able to tell you first-hand what it's like, the best things about it and the challenges they’ve had to overcome. Ask your friends, family or teachers if they know anyone you can ask the questions you really want to know the answers to. Even if they didn’t live and study in Bristol, they’ll have some useful stories and experiences to share with you.

You can also read insightful blogs about students' experiences.

Discover what students from other cities have to say about their experiences. You can find out more from some research online, including examples such as these YouTube videos, about the positives and negatives of living at home what it’s like for others staying at home while studying, and what living at home is really like.

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