Future Quest Primary

In 2021 we expanded our outreach offer to include primary school aged children. Future Quest Primary is made up of a number of projects. 

  • Primary Workshops

    There are several workshops that are currently in the pilot phase which are aimed at allowing children to develop and enhance a number of valuable skills. 

    • Character Strengths Explorer - children find out about their personal strengths and what this means to them.  
    • Super Me - children share their voice to convey their thoughts and what they are proud of.  
    • Everybody's Different - a project with UWE Centre for Appearance using board game resources to engage children to discuss physical differences confidently and sensitively.  
    • Confidence and Trust – this workshop is still in development, with the outcome of children enhancing their self-belief. 
  • Book Explorers

    Children partner with undergraduates from UWE in an innovative programme designed to inspire children to enjoy books and learn more about their journey as well as their partner’s journey. Each week, the children read a book together with their UWE student partner and take part in a variety of activities to help them get to know their UWE buddy, learn about strengths and values, talk about what makes them proud and how their own choices can influence their future pathway. 

  • Future Me

    In this collaborative project with UWE Education,  Education students are paired with a student from a UWE faculty to plan and deliver a hands-on session allowing the children to meet role models, try different subjects, and learn about the skills used in a variety of subjects and careers. 

  • Campus visits and faculty led engagements

    Schools are invited to bring their children onto UWE Bristol Campus to experience a real-life university. Children have been able to take part in a variety of activities such as testing water quality, taking part in sports activities and touring around the campus to see the different places in a university. 

  • Employer engagements

    Working with the Bristol Business School we have enabled children to find out about different pathways for their future such as linking the Antarctic Fire Angels with schools. These female firefighters inspire children and help challenge gender stereotypes.

Our Impact 

Recent feedback from our Book Explorers project shows the impact school staff feel our activities have on their students: 

“The children have been really inspired by having their very own university student who visits them each week. Children don't often have an opportunity to spend time in small groups with a visitor and it has been lovely to see them build that relationship each week. The children have really enjoyed the sessions (and lanyards!) and have spoken with lots of positivity about the stories, but also the chance to discuss the themes with a trusted, nurturing adult. The children have had a chance to spend time with role models and it is opportunities like these that will broaden their horizons and encourage them to think aspirationally for themselves and their futures.” Deputy Head, Christ Church C of E VC Junior School 

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our Future Me workshops.  It offered the pupils an opportunity they would not have received in school and every child was thoroughly engaged with their learning.” Teacher, Park and Parkwall Federation 

Parent feedback from Book Explorers: 

“My daughter never really likes coming to school but now on a Wednesday she loves going because it’s the day she gets to see her UWE volunteer.” Parent from Woodlands Primary School 

Recent feedback from our Super Me pilot project:  

“It was lovely to see the children reflect on moments when they have been proud of both themselves and others.” Assistant Headteacher, Christ Church Hanham C of E Primary School 

Our Future 

  • Future Quest Primary will work with selected, targeted primary schools in South Gloucestershire and Bristol in 23/24 to build on our work in the last two years 
  • Following successful pilots, our workshops will be offered to all primary schools in the programme  
  • New workshops will be developed in collaboration with UWE faculties 
  • The programme will continue to seek new opportunities to connect schools and employers 
  • The Future Me programme will be enhanced, bringing in new subjects and pathways 
  • Focus on evaluating the impact of our programme on schools and children 

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