Is higher education for me?

Some careers require a specific higher education qualification, for example, Dentistry, Law, Teaching or more recently, to join the Police Force


However, undertaking a higher education qualification can open up opportunities to many other career, financial and personal benefits.


    Through Higher Education, you can gain freedom over your future as more career opportunities become available to you. Some professions only employ graduates, with many of the opportunities on offer open to graduates from any degree discipline.

    Even if you have no career in mind, a degree can develop the transferable skills employers are looking for, such as communication, team work and research skills.

    Many universities will give their students the opportunity to complete work experience, provide the opportunity to meet new people and build a network of professionals all of which adds more to a CV and provides a range of experiences to draw upon in interviews and future employment.


    People with higher-level skills will have a greater range of jobs available to them and attending Higher Education means you are likely to earn more than a non-graduate. In 2018, the average graduate salary was £34,000, which is £10,000 more than the non-graduate salary of £24,000 (Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2018).

    Studying a degree apprenticeship means students can start earning while they study with wages varying depending on the age of the apprentice, the length of time they have been studying and the company that employs them.


    Higher Education can provide a multitude of skills which are important to aspects of a successful future self.

    Studying at university or college can support independence of young people, as they need to manage their money and time much more than they have previously.

    Higher Education provides an opportunity to meet different people from a range of backgrounds and form new friendships with likeminded people. Universities and colleges also offer a multitude of extra-curricular activities for their students to get involved in.

    Pursuing a Passion! Higher Education provides an opportunity to study a subject you enjoy, and learn from experts who have dedicated their lives to that particular field!


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