My Higher Education Guide

Higher education can seem like a daunting place; with this guide you can explore possibilities and plan out the route you might take into your future

Jargon Busting

Get an overview of the different words used in the world of Higher Education, from alumni, to means testing and seminars. Our jargon buster will have you covered.

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My Journey to Higher Education

Don't know how to start your journey to Higher Education? Take a look at our timeline here to help you explore, plan and become your future.

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UCAS & Personal Statements

Read our overview to find out how UCAS works, and why it is used. You can also learn how you can write the perfect personal statement.

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Not sure if you want to live in halls or at home? Find out more about the different accommodation options open to you here.

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Is Higher Education for me?

A Higher Education qualification can open up many doors in your future, but it is worth taking time to consider whether it is the right thing for you to do.

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Where Can I Study?

There are several different institutions in the Bristol area that allow you to do a higher education qualification, take a look at them here.

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