Focus on improving your general well-being and increasing your self-awareness through this series of activities which include resources on resilience, growth mindset, developing a self-care toolkit and how to deal with stressful situations. 

Circle of Control

Do you ever feel like you haven’t got control over your life? Or feel anxious and worried? This activity can help increase your self-awareness and resilience, and is a good reminder of what to focus your energy on at challenging times.

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Future Me Vision Board

Focus on improving your general wellbeing and developing your self-motivation by creating a vision board of how you would like to see yourself in the future. There is also an opportunity to send words of encouragement to your future self as you work towards your goal.

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The Stress Bucket Activity

Have you ever felt stressed? Most of us have at some point. This activity can help to increase your resilience during difficult times by helping you to identify what stress is and to increase your awareness of how you currently manage stress.

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Self-Care Toolkit

Do you get bored? Or feel in a negative mood and don’t know what to do? Our self-care toolkit contains ideas to make you feel more motivated and give your wellbeing a boost. Most of the activities are short. How many can you do over the next few weeks?

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Gratitude Jar

Feeling thankful and appreciative are important emotions; tapping into these emotions can increase your self-awareness and optimism. This activity will help you identify what things you are grateful for and can be particularly useful when changes occur in your life.

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Healthy Behaviours Quiz

What are healthy behaviours? Take this quiz to test your understanding of the themes of wellbeing and the coping strategies we use when faced with challenging situations. Discover new ways to improve your own general wellbeing and build resilience.

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Growth Mindset

Learn about ‘Growth Mindset’ – the learning theory that can improve your intelligence, ability and performance but also help you face challenges and setbacks. This activity was developed by MSc Occupational Psychology students at UWE Bristol.

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resilience in stressful situations

Take part in this 30 minute interactive presentation to find out exactly what resilience is and how you can use this skill to cope with stressful situations.

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Know Yourself

Discover something new about yourself. Learn about self-awareness and its role in empowering us to make changes by exploring your feelings and personal strengths.

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