Building Your Skills

Skills take a variety of forms and can support your progression in different ways.  Some skills are useful for study and employment while others are helpful for life in general.


Future Quest have developed a range of skills-based activities for you to try out that we think are useful, informative but also fun to complete.

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Public Speaking Skills

Discover what makes a confident public speaker by working through this interactive session. You will think about the different skills good public speakers have and what you can learn from them before planning your own short presentation.

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Time management workshop

The Time Management workshop will support you to understand why managing your time is important and to explore how to do this effectively. You will learn how to create your own personal timetable which can help you reflect on how you are using your time currently.

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Budgeting Workshop

Being able to make (and stick!) to a budget is an essential life skill. By taking part in our interactive online workshop you can learn the basics of how to make a budget and how to manage it.

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The 30 day challenge

The 30 Day Challenge is all about making small changes day by day to make a big difference. Whether you have always wanted to learn a new language, get more active, or learn to cook these things can be achieved through making small changes.

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Learn a Language

Learning a new language can help keep your mind active and looks great on CVs and Higher Education applications. It can also help you connect with new people

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