With the Government’s decision to close schools you might be at a loose end with your young people, so we have put together a list of useful and free resources for you to help you make the best use of this time. WE WILL CONTINUE TO ADD MORE RESoURCES TO THIS SECTION SO PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK



My Future Quest

My Future Quest allows students to access our activities from their own homes. There are six themes of activities allowing students to gain the knowledge and skills they need for a successful progression

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Career Pilot

Career Pilot is an online resource that helps your young person navigate different career options and explore different ideas of what they could do in their future. They can generate maps of the skills they have which will help them understand the skills they already have.

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This site is better suited to older students doing their A Levels. E-IR is an open access website which has collections of essays, interviews and textbooks on International Relations. Great for History or Government and Politics students.

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BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have you covered from primary school right through to A Levels with online revision and learning tools, their resources don’t just cover the curriculum but careers, interviews and CVs too.

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time for geography

Open access Geography videos and resources from rivers and rain to the climate crisis and cities, Time for Geography has a huge amount of activities and information for your young person to discover

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54 Things for Teenagers to Do During Lockdown

Helen, who is behind the 'Actually Mummy' blog has put together a list of 54 things for teenagers to do during the Corona lock down. This is a really great place to look for inspiration and ideas that you might not have already thought of

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Spark Notes

Whilst exams are no longer happening some young people might be ripping up their revision notes in glee, but it is still a good idea to get a good understanding of the syllabus. Spark Notes have a collection of revision notes on the GCSE and A Level curriculum which you can encourage your young people to work through

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Martin Lewis: Student Loans Decoded

Video guide to student finance and the real impact of higher education on both students' and parents' pockets. It's designed to be watched at home, or it can be played copyright-free in a school lesson too. Plus to help teachers, there's a Quality Mark-assured lesson plan to use alongside it.

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Open Learn

Free online courses and learning through the Open University. Your young person can gain an insight to a vast array of different subject areas with different levels of study available

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