there are lots of options open to your young person whilst they study, find out more below


Some students opt to study at home and communte to a local university or higher education provider, whilst others may decide to go further away from home.



    Some students decide to stay at home rather than moving away, which could be something that you want to talk to your young person about. Bristol is a great city, with many higher education institutions. By staying locally your young person wouldn’t have to adjust to life in a new city, new housemates, and they could save money.


    Student halls are operated either by the private sector or universities. University operated halls are often based on campus (if your young person is going to a campus based university), or should be quite nearby. Halls come with all the main bills included (gas, electric, water and Wi-Fi) which can help for budgeting in first year. Some have 24/7 security and insurance included, which might help with your peace of mind.

    Halls are mostly reserved for first year students, but exceptions might be made for international students, those with disabilities or care leavers.

    Halls will come with the larger pieces of furniture such as white goods, sofas, desks and beds, but kitchen utensils and bedding need to be bought individually.


    This is popular choice for students leaving first year, but some students choose this instead of halls. Houses and flats will be off campus, and may not include bills. The property might be through a letting agency, meaning additional fees will apply, or a private landlord.

    Student properties often come with furniture such as beds, desks and white goods.

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