Higher Education explained

we have put together different information about higher education to help you get your young person set for their future 

The Landscape of Higher Education

Higher Education seems to be constantly changing at the moment, making it easy to feel lost in the complexity of it all. We have put together a brief overview of the latest changes to Higher Education.

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Jargon Busting

Get an overview of the different words used in the world of Higher Education, from alumni, to means testing and seminars. Our jargon buster will have you covered.

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Find out about the accommodation options your young person could consider when studying, from on campus halls, to living at home.

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Is Higher Education Worth It?

Higher Education Qualifications can be costly. Read more about the impact they can have here to help you and your young person weigh up if the process is worth it.

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Supporting Their Transition

Helping your young person prepare for the transition from school to living indepentently can help them succeed. Here is some ideas of things you may want to consider.

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