Parents & Carers

We inform parents & carers on higher education. we advise them on how they can help their young person to explore, plan and become their future

Higher Education Explained

Demystify higher education by reading our guide. Here we cover different jargon, student accommodation, the changes to higher education & more.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Learn about supporting your young person's mental health and wellbeing in school and beyond. Find out about local support services as well as practical ways to support your young person through school and beyond.

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Their Future

Find out about practical ways you can support your young person in planning their future, from GCSE & Further Education choices to career pathways.

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Explore our range of online resources to get advice and guidance on student finance, picking a university and information on UCAS.

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My Future Quest

My Future Quest allows students to access our activities from their own homes. There are six themes of activities allowing students to gain the knowledge and skills they need for a successful progression

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