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Coordinator, SciRoc Project

UWE Bristol Education

Dear Matt

I remember very clearly what it was like to be 14. I don’t think I had any idea at 14 that I’d go to University, it wasn’t something that anybody else in our family had ever done. Nevertheless, I went to Sussex University to study Biology – and here’s my advice to you Matthew;

You’ll hear ideas that will blow your mind. You’ll make friends who were studying things you’d never even heard of, and we stayed up late into the night talking about all manner of stuff. How to change the world, equality, fairness, feminism, anarchism, chaos theory. Embrace it!

Your time at University is really short, but you’ll pack more fun and freedom into that period than you’ll experience again. You’ll make friends who will stay with you for life, and as you get older you’ll see them grow, get married, and become the leaders of their professions. The people you meet at University explode out from your time together and sparkle through life.

You’ll study Biological Sciences for your first degree, and never work in Biology afterwards. That might sound like a waste, but you will find that it’s the habits of thought that you learn during your University studies which were most important. The ability to structure your thinking, to assimilate new knowledge quickly from reliable sources, and to communicate complex ideas clearly and simply. These are the skills which you will rely on in your later life.

Go to University and study something you find deeply interesting.

Be passionate!

Dr Matthew Ewart Studley FBCS FHEA Mem RES. 

Coordinator, SciRoc Project (funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement n° 780086) 

UWE Lead, DURABLE Project (funded by the European Union’s Interreg Atlantic fund under agreement EAPA_986/2018) 

Wallscourt Associate Professor of Technology Ethics 

Chair FET Faculty Research Ethics Committee 

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