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Local Students Transition Programme
  • Local Studies Programme

    Bristol Students have a wealth of study options on their doorstep, however much media attention focuses on moving away for Higher Education (HE) to get the full student experience. The Local Studies Programme aims to raise the profile of local study and address the narrative that you have to move away to experience HE.

    In Bristol, we have a great many local, successful students who have chosen to live at home or stay in the city for a wide range of reasons. The programme has focussed on collecting case studies from a cross section of these students and graduates in written and film form. These show younger students and their families that living and studying in Bristol is a great way to experience HE and can be considered along with other options.

    Future activities for the programme include parent and family visits to campus and opportunities for year 12 students to shadow local students.

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  • Transition Programme

    Arriving at university can be a really exciting time for new students; it can also be a challenging time with many new things to learn and understand. The Transition Programme aims to support students before they start university to better understand what it might be like when they arrive and what might be expected of them.

    Workshops on Study Skills, Student Life and Money Matters have been offered to Year 13 students on a pilot scheme. A residential summer event will invite Year 13's in eligible postcodes to experience university accommodation and build confidence and knowledge of what to expect when they arrive at university.

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