Curriculum Enriched Programme

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Curriculum Enriched Programme
  • BoxED

    Inspired by UWE Bristol teaching and learning subject areas, this school-focused outreach programme is for Years 7-13.

    Delivered at school and supported by UWE Bristol students, each ‘box’ offers students a 50-120 minute activity designed to ensure all students get hands-on experience.

    The programme gets students thinking about their classroom learning in a real life situation. They’ll get a taste of possible career paths and a chance to imagine where the future could take them.

    Example BoxED activities include:

    • Create a marketing campaign
    • Editor for an hour
    • Human rights
    • Microbes vs plants - an arms race
    • Stormchasers
    • Urine diagnostics

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  • School-University Partnerships Initiative (SUPI)

    In partnership with local schools, the University of Bristol is enhancing and enriching the school curriculum and inspiring the next generation of researchers.

    By working with researchers in a range of free activities, students and teachers can take advantage of mentoring for Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students, teacher CPD, careers talks, hands-on workshops and collaborative research projects.

    Everything is delivered across all university faculties and are led by researchers including PhD students and Professors.

    Activities can be arranged on request, including support for students and teachers in a particular curriculum topic, or request additional support for sessions for students to find out about careers in research.

    Funded by Research Councils UK (RCUK), the initiative aims to:

    • Support direct engagement between researchers and secondary school students.
    • Enable teachers to better access resources and to work alongside researchers.
    • Bring contemporary and inspirational research contexts into formal and informal learning.
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