Being able to speak well in front of others and communicate confidently is a key life skill that will come in use in many situations, both now and as you get older. We love hearing the voice of our young people!


In order to further develop your speaking skills we would like you to go here and watch some other young people explaining the Speakers Trust top tips for public speaking. We also recommend checking out the hints in this speech handbook which will help you write and deliver a high-quality speech. These hints and tips can be used in many situations to help you communicate more clearly and confidently.

Your challenge is to write your own speech on a topic of your choice.

When you have done this, deliver your speech to someone that you live with and ask them to give you some feedback using the WIN formula. More information on the WIN formula can be found in the speech handbook.


If you’d like to, submit your speech and/or feedback to us at We would love to hear from you!

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