Engineering and the Clifton Suspension Bridge

This month, we are focussing on engineering, and in particular, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. There are lots of engineering opportunities across the South West and we are lucky enough to live near the Clifton Suspension Bridge which is famous worldwide! Take a look below to find out more.



To learn more about engineering in general, why not take some time to explore the Tomorrow’s Engineer website? This site has loads of fantastic resources including:


To find out more about one of our city’s great feats of engineering, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, watch the videos below:

We have worked with the team at the Clifton Suspension Bridge for many years now and they know how fantastic our students are – that’s why they wanted to challenge you to complete the tasks below!

Click here to learn more about different types of bridges and put your knowledge to the test by answering the questions found on the same sheet! You can email us your answers at or wait until next Thursday when we will be publishing the answers to the questions on our blog. 

If you’re feeling creative why not take on the challenge of becoming the next Brunel and designing something fantastic for your city? Click here for more information. Send your designs in to – we would love to see them!

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to know more about anything in particular, please get in touch with us at

We hope you enjoy these resources. For your next programme activity in July you will each be receiving a parcel through the post. We will release more information closer to the time!


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