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The Discovering HE resources will help you explore what Higher Education is and if it is for you  There are workshops based on student accommodation, jargon busters and the opportunity to hear from current students about their university experience.


  • Student Accommodation

    Explore the main types of student accommodation available, weigh up the pros and cons and decide what accommodation may be best for you. Feeling creative? Design your own student room!

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  • What is Higher Education?

    Learn about what we mean when we talk about Higher Education, the differences between university and school, and find out about the range of courses you could study.


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  • Student Life Q & A

    Do you want to know what student life is really like at university? Current university students answer your questions.

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  • What are Student Unions?

    Learn about the benefits of a student union and find out about some of the extracurricular activities you can enjoy at university. Quiz yourself on some unusual student societies and design a society of your own.

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  • Higher Education Wordsearch

    Try our wordsearch to familiarise yourself with the jargon used in Higher Education. Check out the meaning of any unfamiliar words in the glossary included.

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  • Jargon Busting Quiz

    Test your knowledge of words used when we talk about Higher Education. How much do you know?

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  • Higher Education Course Exploration Quiz

    Discover more about HE courses by taking our ‘HE Course Exploration Quiz’. With over 50,000 HE courses there is a lot to choose from

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    You will need to use the UCAS website as well as the UCAS Explore Subjects Guide

  • Why go to Higher Education?

    Learn about the benefits of HE and reflect on the reasons why people may decide to go or not go. Would you consider HE?

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