The Studio Delivered by Arnolfini

Arnolfini are running The Studio as part of the Future Quest programme, running a series of workshops and masterclasses in schools to support young people through their creative studies.Alongside this, The Studio will run a 9 month collaborative art project with 16–19 year olds, developing their creative and critical thinking and supporting them with progression through the creative industries.

By working with a network of artists and designers who are in the early stages of their careers, as well as those still studying at University, participants will be offered relatable advice and mentoring that will support them to map out their future career goals.

The Studio has now employed a young assistant on a professional work placement to support The Studio and its strands of work, helping to shape the programme, branding and its identity. The aim of this position is to create access routes into employment and upskill young people to be able to go on to seek further opportunities. With this in mind, the role is centred upon the candidate’s personal development, over and above creating additional resource to manage the studio.

The Studio is due to launch in January 2018!

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