27 May 2021

Future Quest are developing an online resource to raise awareness of the wide range of arts subjects available in HE and the highly transferable skills gained through studying an arts-based degree. The world of work is changing, and arts graduates are in demand for their creative thinking abilities which help them stand out in a saturated market.

This package will be aimed at years 9 to 11 with a primary focus on year 10 and will contain an introductory activity to arts subjects. This will be followed by 5 video activities covering the skills: Analysis, Communication, Collaboration, Creation, and Interpretation. The sessions will be delivered by Local arts-based practitioners including a BBC journalist, a local theatre company, a Bristol based director, an anthropologist and interior architect. They will share how arts-based skills have helped them in their work and demonstrate to the students how this is implemented through practical activities.

The sessions are engaging, fun, informative and give tangible examples of how valuable arts-based skills are for employment in the modern world.

They are designed so that the session is run by the practitioner via video and the teacher in class will facilitate and pause the video (at instructed points) for assigned tasks.

At the end of each activity the students will have gathered a list of employable skills that they can cross reference to job descriptions in the final activity, showing them just how transferrable and valuable these skills are for future employment.

We are aiming to have the activity ready by the end of June 2021 so please get in touch if you have any questions and please take a look at our introductory sway for more information.