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Arts - The Studio

UWE Bristol’s Department of Art and Design are excited to be working with Arnolfini Galleries to provide an art and design programme for Future Quest students. The Studio will launch in September 2017 and will provide three strands of activity: a short series of artist led schools workshops that explore how art and design can be used as a tool to explore the world; weeklong masterclasses where students work closely with an artist to develop a complete project, which will focus on a form of making from film to graphic design; and a 9 month collaborative programme, which will bring together 15 young people from across the city to work on an ambitious creative project. The group will meet weekly and participate in a wide variety of activities.


UWE Bristol’s Department of Film and Journalism are excited to be working with Bristol Music Trust and IDEAL to provide a filmmaking and animation programme for Future Quest. In September 2017, SharpShotz will launch a year long series of learning opportunities across four Future Quest schools. This will culminate in the production and delivery of two campaigns that will raise awareness of issues affecting young people today. The campaigns will be produced in partnership with UWE students, creative industry professionals and companies including the BBC. Central elements of each campaign will be: a short mix media film using animation and documentary footage; an event that brings the campaign to an end and involves presenting the case to relevant individuals; and organisations that can bring change to the issue focused on.


Future Quest is developing a sports project led by South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, focusing on the development of skills and competencies that are involved in a career in sport. The project will provide taster activities for young people to experience a range of these skills and competencies, with employer engagement activities also built into the programme.

The Future Quest sports project will run on Thursday afternoons between 13:00 and 15:00 at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College for a maximum of 40 students. The pilot commences on 3 July with Oasis Academy Brislington, after which other schools will be able to register their interest in participating in the project.

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