South Bristol Youth - Future Quest ‘Cohort’ Programme

Future Quest has got off to a great start and has been positively received by both schools and students.

South Bristol Youth has now run two successful and extremely well attended sets of Community of Practice meetings during which the participating schools have been given information relating to the programme, what is happening currently and the next steps.

The key stage 4 programme has had activities most days of the week during this term and the activities carried out have been varied with trips to university campuses, character profiling sessions, activities with the Speakers Trust helping give students confidence in public speaking and trips with a cultural focus to venues such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge. By the end of term all schools will have completed these activities.

In addition, South Bristol Youth has organised a day visit to Parliament and to either the Science Museum or the Imperial War Museum. Both the students and the staff are very excited about these trips and for some students, it will be their first time visiting London.

The student feedback given after the activities has included comments such as:

"You gave us a fun experience and have made me learn more about myself.” Character Profiling session.

“No-one was picked on and no-one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to. There was a lot of teamwork.” Campus visit.

“I enjoyed it and think that I am more confident now.” Speakers Trust session

South Bristol Youth has also been involved in parental engagement with the organisation of ‘Parents as Partners’, which took place on 8 July at At-Bristol. The event involved a range of activities including: learning performance skills with Circomedia, creating wounds, cuts, gore and bruises with a theatrical and special effects makeup artist, flying on a Harry Potter broom stick using green screen technology, trying out music production techniques with Bristol Plays Music as well as meeting real scientists to talk about their careers and choices and developing problem-solving skills with the RAF. Face painting was also available to keep younger family members amused.

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