Sharp Shotz is a campaign film competition challenging young people to bring change to issues affecting them and their community. This year’s Sharp Shotz competition was launched with a brand new website in October with four partner schools: Fairfield High School, Orchard School, City Academy and St Bede's Catholic College.

The first stage of the competition is a series of workshops focusing on the concept of ‘flourishing’, including what that means, how a person’s ability to flourish may be affected, and how they can become a change-maker.

Students took part in workshops around this central theme, delivered by Off the Record, Unique Voice, Hungry Underdogs, and University of Bristol Philosophy students, with the goal being to identify an issue that they would like to change. This issue then forms the basis of their campaign competition entry. The students had 7 weeks of lessons to further explore these ideas and complete their entry form by 15 December.

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