17 Jun 2021

The last 14 months have been difficult, particularly for young people, but we believe that every single one of you is capable and deserving of the best chances to access opportunities and be able to showcase who you are - no one is you and that is your superpower!


RE:ACTION 24/7 will take place over 2 weeks, and then sessions will be available for you to watch on demand for a further 2 weeks, so if you can’t make all the sessions you want to attend then you can catch up – as long as you are signed up for the initial 2 weeks.


This is a programme with a difference though – although you may be, understandably, fed up with online learning/content right now, delivering virtually has allowed us to bring a lot of people on board for this programme that is just for Bristol region students. We have some very well-known names that will be delivering sessions and talks just for you. We promise that they are well-known…from Olympians to Love Islanders…plus some local employers that you could end up working for one day!


The aim of RE:ACTION 24/7 is to help you to feel confident in who you are, and for you to understand your capabilities and your potential, and therefore have confidence in what you can achieve, regardless of what your next steps are. Or maybe you don’t know what your next steps are yet, and this can help you to plan them and decide what you want to do next. Or maybe you know what you want to do next, but you aren’t sure how to get there.


All of our guest speakers will be sharing with you their own lived experiences, challenges, and how they overcame these challenges. With interactive live sessions as well as content on demand, you will be able to take away invaluable information and support that will help you to navigate your future.

All you need to do right now is to sign up – follow this link: Sign up now!