Bristol Museums, in collaboration with Bristol Grammar School are organising an evening Philosothon at the M-Shed in March. Students from different schools will be collaborating in small mixed school groups to explore philosophical and ethical questions while interacting with the exhibits. 

Philosophy students from UWE Bristol will deliver in-school workshops in February to prepare teachers and students for the event and will facilitate discussions on the evening.

Participating in a Philosothon enables students to develop a wide range of skills and attributes, including confidence, independence, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, and the ability to respect and engage with different viewpoints.

This free event is open for up to 15 students per school from Year 10 to Year 13. The majority of students need to be from Future Quest postcode areas, however students do not necessarily need to have an interest in Philosophy to attend.

If you are a Future Quest school or college and are interested in being involved, please email

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