Mental Wealth Programme

Body image

Future Quest Body Image Initiative

Body image is one of the leading concerns for young people in the UK. In conjunction with Future Quest, the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE is conducting a research project to evaluate different interactive programmes aimed at developing positive body image in boys and girls aged 13-14 (Year 9) in secondary schools. These programmes are designed to be taught by class teachers with all learning materials and teacher training provided. The results of this research will help to maximise our ability to positively impact the lives of young people across the UK with effective body image education. The project is due to commence with teacher training in September 2017. We are currently working with 20 secondary schools, however the invitation is still open for further schools to take part. If you are interested, please contact Jade Parnell:

Emotional resilience

Future Quest intends to work with South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and City of Bristol College on a pilot project to enhance the emotional resilience and confidence of students considering making the transition to higher education. Based on the premise of “how you think determines how you feel, rather than letting how you feel determine how you think”, the project shifts the emphasis from reactive, individualised and therapeutic responses when a student is in difficulty, toward a more proactive approach, whereby all students learn the thinking skills to deal with stressful situations which, though difficult, are part of normal everyday life. By learning the seven skills of resilience, the Project anticipates that students will enhance their sense of self agency, confidence and aspiration. By using peer to peer discussion groups, the project intends that students discuss and understand the resilience skills within their own environment, context and lived experience.

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