IAG and progression Programme

Access Champions

The Access Champions programme helps young people at the most disadvantaged schools make effective transitions after their post-16 education, by supporting sixth form leaders and teachers to implement best practice in university and apprenticeship applications.

Future Quest in collaboration with the HE Access Network launched the Access Champions programme in May 2017 at UWE Bristol. 11 schools from the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area were welcomed to the launch event which covered the latest research on personal statement and reference writing, conducted a needs analysis for each school identifying major priorities for change, and started the planning process for implementation strategies for instituting changes. Since the event, partner schools have been supported in a diverse range of activities, including personal statement and reference training for wider staff, workshops for Medicine and Law, and the rollout of our online personal statement platform, OSCAR.

If you would like to discuss the Access Champions programme in more detail. Please contact Ed Penn

Pre 16 IAG

As part of our expanding pre 16 IAG offer, Future Quest is co-funding the new reporting zone on the Careerpilot website from September.

Careerpilot is a website for 13-19 year olds providing details on the full range of choices young people can make at 14, 16 and 18, including GCSEs, A levels, apprenticeships and the many routes to higher education.

The Reporting Zone will enable schools and National Collaborative Outreach Programmes (NCOPs) (on receipt of a signed data sharing agreement) to see what career choices students are interested in. The reports can be used to support tutorial work or careers interviews and the like, and to target careers information and provision at students with specific interests e.g. offering workshops to those interested in a specific job sector; or to those interested in the apprenticeship pathway.

Annual reports will chart how students’ choices change over time.

If you would like your school to have access to the free Reporting Tool from September please register your interest.


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