24 Mar 2021

The panel is hosted by Iain Dale, one of Britain’s leading political commentators, broadcasters and writers. Also on the panel: Karin Smyth MP - Labour MP for Bristol South; Ina Goldberg - Assistant Principal for Oasis Brislington; Liz Lister - Graphic Science, runs the STEM Ambassador Hub West England.


Levelling Up is often seen as a north-south divide issue, but the reality is it is far more localised. It applies to most towns and cities, Bristol included. Education is key to the levelling up agenda, and UWE Bristol are committed to supporting access and participation. The Future Quest programme is a key element of this support, working with over 40 schools and colleges across the Bristol area.


The panel discuss how young people have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and ways that we can all come together to support young people as they navigate towards the futures that they aspire to. Other aspects discussed by the panel include the importance of creating and signposting opportunities for young people, and of focussing on skills that young people need for the future. The panel also highlight the need to promote a variety of Post 16 pathways so that students can make informed choices and select the most appropriate pathway to help them to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.


The recording is available here: https://www.fit-for-purpose.org/engage/how-to-level-up-successful-school-years-uwe-bristol