BoxED: Learning outside the Box

The new and improved BoxED scheme was launched on 8 November 2017. BoxED is a unique collection of free, hands-on learning activities brought direct to your classroom door, with priority access being given to Future Quest schools.

The 2017/18 Future Quest cohort programme schedule has been completed with all dates confirmed with providers and a range of venues booked across the city. Two new schools have been inducted and student and parent meetings have been delivered in all 27 participating schools, in partnership with both UWE Bristol and University of Bristol staff and ambassadors.

Co-designed by UWE Bristol subject academics and colleagues in teacher education, BoxED activities range from predicting the weather and cracking the genetic code, through to uncovering the origin of the Bristol riots and the concept of human rights. All enhance the delivery of the national curriculum from Key Stages 3 to 5.

Once the lid is off the box, the fun really starts. Trained student Interns and facilitators will get your pupils thinking about their classroom learning in a real-life situation, connecting with learning and research at UWE Bristol and inspiring them to imagine the possibilities of university study and potential career paths.

Planned to fit within your school/college timetable, sessions vary in length from 60-180 minutes. And to top it off, we’ll bring it all to you and it’s completely free.

We are currently looking for schools who would like to work with us to pilot some of our newly developed boxes. If you want to find out more about getting involved or booking an activity please see the BoxED website for further information:

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